Design & Planning

Every great project starts off with an idea, and that idea needs a design to communicate to others on how to build, determine costs, and may even be required by your city to start a project. Whether it’s a sketch for a simple project, or complete construction plans and engineering, LDB can get your project off the ground.

From tile trims, accent walls, that perfect fixture, sliding glass, built-ins, shelving, walk-in closets or showers, iron gates, rain showers, hand crafted garage doors, or a chop block counter you ask? Absolutely! Every project has layers of detail, go as far as you like.

You can even use examples to get you started and go at the pace that works for you.

We make the process work for everyone.

The LDB 3-Step Process

We don’t just give you a price without any information and no understanding of what you’re getting. It takes time to build your project, no matter the size.

You really can’t go wrong with the “Generational Quality” the LDB team provides.

Step 1


Give us a call, tell us about your project and who you are. What works for you? When does this project fit in your schedule?

We let you know upfront the approach to each project and help you plan the next steps.

Step 2

Design & Budget

Do you need an estimate, or start with a design budget proposal to fit your needs?

You may need engineering, or City historic review. We can work with you on a complete estimate, break the project into phases, or even let you handle anything you can.

Step 3


Contract, and schedule the project to start! We start ordering and scheduling, coordinating all the details.

We address any issues that arise and continue the work until completion. Then you enjoy, completely satisfied.

Sometimes having a larger multi-phase project can be broken down into more manageable phases to accommodate costs and minimize disruption.

This all comes with a LDB design-budget proposal.

LDB is a complimentary design company for manageable projects and we hire architects, engineers, or fabricators to assist with your project needs.

With our experience of over 25 years in design, fabrication, & construction, combined with our team of professional designers & specialty tradesmen, we can take on any size or style project you can think of.

Nothing is typical, and everything is in the details. Start off with the major priorities, add materials, and then patterns and details. We’ll make the process seem like it was your idea all along.

The LDB Generational Quality

We all have families here, businesses to run, and plenty of celebrations to be had.

Having to worry about any problems with your home or business is not one of those things you want to have to repeat. If you want to get your money’s worth, then look no further! We want you to get the full value out of any work repairs or upgrades, making every project worth doing, and helping you build that confidence that you are protecting your investment with the top New Orleans General Contractor.